Swymbag FAQ's

Can I still use the touchscreen function on my phone when it’s in the bag?
Yes absolutely. Your phone still works perfectly well inside your SWYMBAG 

Is my phone secure & water tight when inside the bag?
Yes. The clear case is 100% waterproof (IPX8 certified)

What is the maximum depth for your product?
SWYMBAG is an IPX8 certified product which protects your phone up to maximum depth of 33 feet (10 meters)

Does your product float?
Yes. Using the outer neoprene cool cover allows your phone to float. If you remove the inner clear waterproof case, this will not float on its own.

Can I use your product to take underwater photos/videos?
Yes absolutely. You’ll get fabulous underwater photos & videos - have a look at the examples on the product page filmed using the Swymbag.

If I want to record a video, Will the case distort the sound quality?
Not at all. The audio is very clear.

Is the inner case clear on both sides?

Are the volume/mute controls on the side of the phone still useable?
Yes.  The volume buttons also doubles up as a button you can use to take photos underwater.

How do I keep it clean?
We recommend you rinse and dry it in fresh water after every use.  The outer case can also go in the washing machine.

Will it fit my iPhone?
Yes. It fits all phones available on the market at present (Dec 2019)

Can I use my wired earphones when my phone is in the bag
NO! The case needs to be securely fastened to ensure its 100% waterproof!  It will still connect to wireless headphones and speakers though.

Can you remove the strap/lanyard?
Yes, we’ve ensured easy ways to remove both the lanyard/elastic belt of required

Does the lanyard have a safety break?
Yes, in the event of an emergency you can snap the lanyard open very easily

What are the dimensions?
The inner case holding compartment is 105mm x 180mm 
The outer case is 110mm x 210mm

How big is the belt?
The belt is 120cm at full length.  It is adjustable and elasticated so will stretch further.  The smallest size it will go to is 60cm